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The Recruit Returns To Riverside Inverclyde


Above: The 2018 Recruit's at the grand staircase in the Custom House in Greenock

Riverside Inverclyde (Ri) welcomed Inverclyde Council’s The Recruit programme again on the 24 July 2018, with 24 candidates attending from the 2018 programme.  

The day was hosted at the Grade A listed Custom House in Greenock and led by Ri's Andrew Bowman (Head of Business Investment and Operations) and Jennifer Alexander (Modern Apprentice). 

The Recruit is a summer programme delivered by Inverclyde Council's Education team involving 16-18 year olds from Inverclyde schools who are chosen to compete in a number of business challenges with the aim of improving report writing, presentation, communication and team working skills.  There will also be an opportunity for a few lucky Recruits to be awarded contracts with some of the employers involved in the challenge days.

The programme culminates with a celebratory dinner on 17 August 2018 at Greenock Town Hall, which recognises the dedication shown from all of the participants throughout the summer. 

Above: Ri's Jennifer Alexander welcomes the 2018 Recruits and shares her journey a year on from the 2017 Recruit programme  

Jennifer Alexander was a previous Recruit in 2017 and was awarded a 12 month contract by Ri in September 2017 as a result of her performance during the Ri challenge day.  As a result, Jennifer has been supporting Ri’s marketing, business investment and property activities since then and has seen her contract extended.

Jennifer said:

"I’ve really enjoyed my first year at Ri and it has been very worthwhile for my own career progression.  I’m passionate about Inverclyde and having the chance to support the regeneration of the area has been hugely enjoyable.”

This year’s Recruits were given challenges throughout the day which focused on current Ri projects, including Smart Greenock Wi-Fi, Taste Inverclyde and the West Blackhall Street improvements with the Recruits offering some valuable insight and feedback to the Ri team.

Above: The RiFi team give a presentation on their aims for the Smart Greenock Project

Of this year’s cohorts, Andrew Bowman said:

“We had another fantastic day with The Recruit which highlighted the exceptional talent that is coming through Inverclyde’s schools.  We thoroughly enjoyed listening to the views of the candidates and may even borrow some of their ideas for our projects.  We wish all of the candidates every success with their future careers and thank them for their enthusiasm towards regeneration in Inverclyde.”

The Recruit would like to thank Ri for facilitating the challenge day and for their financial support towards the programme.

Published: 25 July 2018