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100% Billboard Occupancy Boosts Local Business Advertising

Above: The 48 Sheet has proven to be popular with local businesses

Riverside Inverclyde (ri) is delighted to confirm that the six advertising hoardings on Main Street in Greenock have been snapped up by Inverclyde businesses for the rest of 2018.

The advertising - which were made available for local companies to use in August 2017 in line with ri's strategy to help growth in local businesses - have proven to be a popular space to advertise. 

Inverclyde businesses Inverclyde Leisure, Kip Marina, Taste InverclydeCardwell Garden Centre, White Bell Group, The Beacon Arts Centre, Wet Wall Works, Elite Academy of Dance and Greenock and District Scouts have all snapped up the available space for the rest of 2018. 

Andrew Bowman, Head of Business Investment and Operations at Riverside Inverclyde said:

"With a number of alternative sites available in Inverclyde for national brands, Riverside Inverclyde took the opportunity to try and help raise the profile of local brands, which is vital to the long term success and growth of businesses."

"The A8 Main Street advertising hoardings offer local businesses a great opportunity to promote their company to more than 35,000 passing vehicles a day.  In this digital age, this is still proving to be an extremely prominent way to advertise."

"Ri has endeavoured to keep the price as keen as possible to ensure that local businesses are able to take advantage and it has proven to be very popular.  We are now accepting bookings for January 2019 onwards and welcome businesses to get in touch."

With five 48 sheet hoardings and one 96 sheet, the hoardings offer opportunities throughout the year for local businesses to promote themselves to a wider market. 

Further details for the hoardings can be found here.

Above: The A8 Main Street advertising hoardings in Greenock

Published: 21 June 2018