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Success For Avari As It Is Named Identity Provider of the Year 2019

Above: The Avari team celebrates its success

Avari Identity has been awarded the prestigious title of "Identity Provider of the Year 2019" by Corporate Visions, Technology Innovator Awards.

The business, based in Victoria House Business Centre in Greenock, also picked up the award in 2018, making it a double success for the tech start-up.

Due to its continued growth, Avari has recently expanded its team recruiting five new members to the team in Scotland and England.

Ross Garman, CEO of Avari, said:

"It's great to be recognised again within the Identity and Access Management industry. 

With the expansion of the professional services and security side of the business, Avari is uniquely skilled at leveraging the identity of the user to enhance all avenues of the network."

New capabilities include creating a secure perimeter around the user as well as providing full administration visibility and control from anywhere to any device.
Externally Avari continues to grow, providing stronger user experiences in B2C with an ever-growing number of commercial customers leveraging its social logins, for more streamlined and attractive customer logins, and online transaction facilities.
Ross added:
"Avari continues to grow, and we look forward to a highly promising year ahead."
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Published 24 June 2019