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New Robert Burns Mural Unveiled By Creative Inverclyde Co-Founder, Craig Black


Above: Craig Black and the mural which aims to capture the lasting influence of Robert Burns 

A new mural celebrating the work and legacy of Roberts Burns is now available to view in Glasgow.

Scottish lettering artist and Creative Inverclyde co-founder, Craig Black, produced the Tae The Bard piece at SWG3, focusing on one of the most famous works: A Man’s A Man For A’ That.

It comes as part of the Burns Night 2019 celebrations more than 200 years after the death of the Ayrshire poet.

Mr Black said the final 12ft by 16ft mural was not his first idea but was still “extremely proud” of how it turned out.

Craig said:

“We originally planned to have a stencil and create the poem in the background and spray-paint it.

“If it were on my own, it would have taken me half a day, but unfortunately it didn’t work pretty well.

“The last day came, and I had a lot of pressure to get it done so I reached out to nine or 10 amazing designers to come and help me hand-paint it all, which was fantastic.

“I couldn’t have done it without them, and it’s great to see it in all its glory.  

“I thrive under pressure, to be honest. Even in the four days that we did it, it was always challenging to get the type to line up across boards and stuff like that.

“We had to use exterior paint for outdoors as well. Multiple different elements go into these murals, so it’s great to see it there.”



The mural is on display in the courtyard of the events space and arts venue among other pieces including graffiti street art.

The man behind the latest edition though remarked on how it broadens the appeal to a broader demographic - much like Burns himself.

Black added:

"I’ve heard some great stuff already, especially because a lot of the work here is street art.

“I’ve had a lot of street artists come in and get their thoughts on it is fascinating.

“They love it, which is pretty cool. I can’t wait to show it to the public now.

“We chose this poem as one of Burns’ famous poems that kinda related to me as well regarding his honesty and relatability to the everyday person.

“It’s a ‘cheers to him’ and what he’s done over the past 200 years, and his work’s still so prominent now.”

Ben Macpherson MSP said:

“I think what Craig’s produced is remarkable. 

“It just brings together modern artistic creativity and innovation with the poetry of Burns bringing out some of the critical lines of his work.

“To have it here in this vibrant part of Glasgow is excellent in that it’s going to be so many people, but also marries that sense of Burns being something that’s contemporary but also connected to our past.

“I think Burns does appeal to all demographics as will this piece of art, that’s because Burns’ work and the celebration of it on Burns Night is essentially about people coming together.

“This mural and the launch of the #TaeTheBard campaign is all about doing what we can to come together to celebrate Burns Night.”

For more information on Craig Black, click here.

This article was published in The Scotsman on 15 January 2019.

Published: 15 January 2019