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Inverclyde Leisure Goes Boutique With New Skillbike Studio

 Above: The Classes at the Waterfront Leisure Centre have proven a big hit in the initial few weeks

Inverclyde Leisure has become one of the first public leisure operators to add Technogym's new Skillbikes to its offering.

A new Skillbikes studio, featuring 16 stations, opened this month at the operator's Waterfront Leisure Complex in Greenock.

Launched earlier this year, the Skillbike has an interface that offers users feedback and enables them to track performance. The real-time graphics can be displayed onto large projector screens to view a virtual race or performance setup, allowing riders to compete with each other as well as challenge themselves.

It is also it is the first indoor bike with real gears, allowing users to replicate the dynamics of hill riding.


To house the bikes, Inverclyde Leisure's in-house design team – working together with Bigwave Media – has created a boutique-style studio with black walls, highlighted with motivational and empowering messages.

The move is the latest in a growing trend of public operators investing in boutique-style facilities and experiences for their members.

Kieron Vango, CEO of Inverclyde Leisure said:

“For us, it’s all about bringing the outdoor cycling experience indoors.

"The Skillbikes are the first indoor bike with real gear technology – allowing riders to experience the feeling of cycling up a hill whilst on a fixed stationary bike."

The new studio will allow Inverclyde to increase the number of indoor cycling classes at Waterfront Leisure Complex from 10 up to 60 sessions each week.

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Published: 19 November 2018